L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion

Nourish Your Hair While Coloring it with the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion 6.35 Intense Copper Brown

Coloring your hair is a huge trend that a lot of Filipinas have been doing for a long time. Way back in the day, hair colors would come in small powder packets that you mix to create a paste. These colors were intensely pigmented, so much so that they could stain your ears! However, the downside is that these old-school hair colors tend to come in such a limited range of shades. And on top of that, they could also end up drying and be damaging your hair.

These days hair colors are no longer a death sentence for your hair. On the contrary, many hair color brands boast having hair care treatments infused into their dye to help your hair maintain its shine.

One of the most popular brands that combine hair care with hair color is L’Oreal Paris and their range of Excellence Fashion dyes!

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