Restylane Facial Cleanser

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Cleanse your skin with care
Each time you cleanse your face you risk stripping your skin of essential lipids, anti-oxidants and waterbinding
substances. Therefore cleansing procedures must be as mild and gentle as possible to preserve
the health and natural balance of your skin.

Restylane® Facial Cleanser has been enriched with organic oils and ceramides to make your skin soft
and supple. Restylane Facial Cleanser cleanses skin and removes make-up gently and efficiently without
upsetting the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Protective formula with organic oils and ceramide 3.

Suggested usage:
Rinse face with water. Place a tiny amount of cleanser in your palm, add water and work into a rich foam.
Massage onto face and neck, rinse with water. Repeat the procedure for best result. The cleanser can
also be used as a cleansing milk, using cotton pads and less water.
Facial Cleanser 100ml

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