Restylane Night Cream

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Restore your skin’s natural health
Restylane® Night Cream is a rich moisturiser suitable for all skin types. Containing the DMS lipid
structure, Restylane Night Cream helps build up your own protective skin barrier and allows your skin to
breathe and recover at night.
Restylane Night Cream contains active ingredients that help counteract the skin’s ageing process whilst
protecting the natural balance and beauty of your skin. The addition of stabilized hyaluronic acid
enhances the long lasting moisturising effect of the cream.
Restylane Night Cream improves your skin’s natural functions in as little as four weeks resulting in a
beautiful, soft complexion.

Active ingredients:
Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid, DMS, Glycyrrhetinic Acid,
Avena Sativa Kernel Extract, and Ceramide 3.

Suggested usage:
Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin in the evening.
Night Cream 50ml

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