Sébium Foaming Gel

Poduct Description
Sébium Foaming Gel gently cleanses and is the only cleansing gel that limits the formation of blemishes thanks to the Fluidactiv Sebo-correcting complex, which biologically regulates sebum quality. Enriched with purifying agents, zinc sulfate, and copper sulfate, Sébium Foaming Gel purifies the skin and limits sebaceous secretion.
Why it’s Special
– Gently cleanses and purifies.
– Limits sebum secretion.
– Keeps pores from becoming clogged.
– Soap-free cleansing base.
– Can be used as a shaving foam.
Who it’s for
– Combination or oily skin.
How to Use
– Morning and/or evening – 7 days a week
– Apply Sébium Foaming Gel on damp skin. Lather, then rinse thoroughly. Dry gently.
Other Details
– Scented Formula
– Hypoallergenic
– Non-Comedogenic
– Non-Drying
– Paraben-Free
– Soap-Free
– Coloring Agents-Free
What are the differences between the Sensibio, Sébium and Hydrabio lines in Bioderma?
The Sensibio line of products is formulated for sensitive skin types. It is safe to use on all skin types as well. Sébium is formulated for oily skin types and Hydrabio is formulated for the dry or dehydrated skin.

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