Thermage FACE TIP 3.0

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Available Tips:
900 REP

The specially designed Thermage®Face tip offers less volumetric bulk heating compared to the Total Tip. Patients experience generally smoother skin and softened fine lines for an overall younger and refreshed look with minimal discomfort and without surgery, injections or downtime.

Smooth wrinkles and improve facial skin overall
Greater patient comfort during the procedure with Comfort Pulse Technology™ (available on the Thermage CPT System only)

Evolution at Work – Comfort Pulse Technology™
The results Thermage can deliver are best seen on the surface – smoother, sleeker skin. But the new Comfort Pulse Technology works on a whole new level. The Thermage CPT energy delivery algorithm is developed based on the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Therapy, a proven method for pain relief by affecting sensory nerves and interfering with sensory-discriminative pathways. The innovative Thermage CPT algorithm creates a “TENS-like” effect, by interspersing cooling bursts with radiofrequency heat energy pulses, generating a sensation that is confusing to the neural system. The RF pulses, delivered between cooling pulses, are so fast that the neural potentials responsible for discomfort signals cannot respond quickly enough to signal discomfort. The result is a dramatically comfortable treatment for patients. It’s smart technology that works ON patient´s bodies while working WITH their mind.

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